Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Flintshire Councillor is a bit of a Richard

Canteen staff at Flintshire County Council have renamed Spotted Dick "Spotted Richard" or "Suet Pudding", basically because they're sick of people continually making jokes about the name. Of course, you can't change the name of anything anymore without someone uttering the phrase "Political Correctness gone mad", and filling this role admirably is councillor Klaus Armstrong-Braun. He's not happy, and neither, rather predictably, are the commenters at the Daily Mail's site. Honestly, over 100 comments about the changing of a name of a fucking cake?

Seriously, how stupid does someone have to be to be uptight over staff changing the name of a dessert? And how is it political correctness? Let's face it, reading the article, it seems there's a good few Colin Hunts in the canteen repeating the same joke over and over every single time Spotted Dick is on the menu. Frankly I'm surprised the canteen staff have taken the route of changing the name of the pudding, my tactic would have been attempting to batter the twat to death with his own tray. Maybe we should make councillor Armstrong-Braun endure the bad jokes every single day and see how long it takes for him to stay sane.